Being a foodie, I started my blog with writing about food but over time, I realized there’s much more I want to talk about, so why stop at food!! This world is made of colors and shades, pain and comfort, crazy and sane, sadness and happiness, and food can connect them all. We offer it when we’re happy and we offer it when we’re sad.

like anyone else, my life too is a mix of all of the above. Hence, I’ll be using food as a passage, going from one life event or state of mind to another, mixing all flavors of life. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you here, on Facebook or Twitter, or you can email me at amf898@gmail.com if you’ve questions or comments.


* Please note that I have not been paid or asked to write about various products introduced on my blog, these are my own personal preferences and used just as examples.

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