Pain or no pain

slide02-fibromyalgia-radiating-painThis week has been an interesting week of questions about Fibromyalgia and pain. It’s amazing how many people open up about their pain when they hear about mine. Some friends have asked me questions like “what Fibro is?” or “is there any cure for it?” or “what are the best ways in general to manage pain?”

Of course, I answered their questions as much as I could based on my personal knowledge and experiences but I thought this video can be more help. It might seem a bit too long but will save you some doctor visits and co-pays. 🙂

Dr.Andrew Gross from UCSF rheumatology’s department has done an amazing job here.



The image on the top is from


2 thoughts on “Pain or no pain

  1. I came across your comment about having fibromyalgia on deliciouslynell’s blog. I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia for 30 years and was hoping to read more about your experience on your blog. But, then again I don’t share my struggles with anyone either because they can’t possibly relate to it. My best wishes to you 🙂


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