The long, hot summer

Past weekend was my quiet time, mostly honoring my couch and some kitchen work. However, I managed to make my original hot sauce, finally! I had promised it to some of my colleagues and friends 2 months ago but life got in the middle and I didn’t get a chance until past Sunday. It’s a mix of fruits and veggies plus 5 different types of pepper. The idea came to me when I tasted kale and decided it’s a little too much on the bitter side for my taste so after some experiments the original hot sauce was born. Although, hot spicy food is not my best friends sometimes, I’ve learned when it can be and when not. For example, when my body is flared up it’s the worst time to have spicy food but in general I’m fine as long as I don’t have a few evil items all in the same day.

This coming weekend, I have a guest from out of town. A very especial one from high school days. She’s married with a teenage son now but we are still able to pick it up where we left off the last time. We can be whoever we wish to be when we are together, some silly teen age girls, adventurous souls, just 2 ordinary women or a mix. We will see where our mood will take us this time. Maybe we go out and paint the town in red, relax at the beach and daydream, or spend a day in Napa….we will see. It will be a reminder of those long, hot summer days when everything was possible.



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