A world of lights & colors

It’s amazing how colors and light are intertwined with the middle eastern art. I took my friend for a day trip to Capitola, Monterey and Carmel. While window shopping, we saw a few Turkish handcraft stores which looked new to me as I don’t remember seeing them before. Turkey has been fighting for becoming a member of European Union since 1995. A member of EU or not, it won’t change the fact that Turkey’s culture and art have definite middle eastern origins, filled with the same elements, lights and colors. I was mesmerized with the magical reflection of a dozen hanging lights bouncing off the vibrant colors of decorative plates, rugs, scarfs and many more handcrafted masterpieces. It reminded me of Esfehan, a beautiful city with exquisite art and architecture in my birth country Iran, that has its own enchantment and mystery.




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