The First Hamburger Ever

Per Wikipedia the first burgers were made of a piece of beef steak in between 2 slices of bread; “The term hamburger originally derives from Hamburg,[2] Germany‘s second largest city, from which many people emigrated to the United States. In High GermanBurg means fortified settlement or fortified refuge and is a widespread component of place names. Hamburger, in the German language, is the demonym of Hamburg. Similar to frankfurter and wiener, names for other meat-based foods, being demonyms of the cities of Frankfurt and Vienna (Wien), respectively.”

Apparently, there are many claims to the origin of the hamburger but the most popular one is the one from Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. I read on Travel Channel that the creation of hamburger was pure accident which is no surprise. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. “Legend  has it that the hamburger was invented at Louis’ Lunch, back in 1895. One day, restaurant owner Louis Lassen was thinking of ways to use up some leftover beef trimmings.  As he was passing the meat through the grinder, a hungry customer popped in wanting something to eat on the run. Louis thought quickly, broiled the meat he grounded and placed the meat between 2 pieces of toast — the first hamburger was born!” I think it makes sense. Louis Lassen was a Danish immigrant and who knows, maybe his parents were German from Hamburg and thus the name Hamburger!

Regardless of who created it or why it’s called “hamburger”, personally, I think it is one of the best inventions of all. Ok, I might be a little bias because of my love for a good burger, but what’s not to love! It’s simple and can be made in so many different varieties.

As a part of my hamburger history research and to celebrate my findings with a good friend, it was just natural to make it the way it was made the first time. Well, close to the way it was made the first time.

Sorry dear Louis for stealing your recipe and adding some additional ingredients, and thank you for creating something so delicious! 😉

Here’s my version with ground turkey, sliced bread, caramelized onions and garlic, and Asian cabbage.






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