Serenity after Chaos

thanksgiving-westmont-ilTurkey day, Christmas and New Year holidays are always busy for me and by that I don’t mean holiday shopping. We have a trade show in Vegas every year in January and the preparation starts way back in October, which means many extra hours of work. By the time I’m done with the trade show, my body feels like a balloon inside out, radiating aches and pain. But there’s one thing that I love about my stay and that’s the opportunity to eat at some very good restaurants like CUT (Wolfgang Puck), B and B Ristorante (Mario Batali), and Public House. These restaurants are a little on the pricy side but a least you can be certain that they offer an experience not just food. At CUT, even if not a full dinner, it’s worth checking out their bar menu.

Every year, I thought, “I’d stay here for a couple of days after the show and just enjoy myself”, but it never happened until this year. I was determined to stay even if the sky came down. Fortunately, nothing happened to the sky, my boss approved a day off and the rest fell on a weekend. Yippy! I’m really glad I stayed.

My friend Zaf, who has tried to set me up with someone for a very long time, kept encouraging me to go to a club and make sure I don’t come back alone. As much as I appreciate his kind efforts, that was not what I had in mind for a relaxed weekend. My plan included shopping, enjoying good food, Spa and seeing a show and I think it was all meant to be. Zara had a great Sale only for those 2 days and I did buy a couple of nice shirts. My Spa charge got cut in half because of my company’s stay at the hotel and the Concierge gentleman who was helping me got a fantastic seat for me at Le Reve (Totally recommend it by the way)!


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