The Weekend of Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend I was possessed. It was a crazy cook off and Spring Cleaning weekend. I needed to reorganize my whole apartment and was trying to do it with the least pain and inflammation in the end.

It’s amazing how much we collect over the years without knowing! It was only after moving things around and opening boxes that I realized; just a couple of more boxes and I’ll be a hoarder! There were piles and piles of books and papers from my college days and every little gift and card that I had received for my birthdays, Christmas, etc.

5 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia* and since then I have learned how to split my big tasks to smaller portions and get help if needed to avoid complicated circumstances.

I definitely needed some help with moving the big pieces like bed and drawers so I asked Cheri my friend for help and promised to cook for her. She’s one of the most particular people I know when it comes to food. Being an athletic person it makes sense. She goes to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, a couple of sessions of indoor rock climbing, and once a week Yoga. So I made my “Chili My Way” and low fat gluten free brownies. She loved them both and I was glowing with a cook’s pride and happiness! What is it with people who like to cook?! I heard those who like to cook have a nurturing personality. Come to think of it, I do play mother hen at times.

*A condition that’s caused by an over active nerves system. For example, every little normal pain can be magnified 10 times in people with Fibro and sometime even handicap them if the pained is not managed properly.



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