Can We Relax?

Word Relax on beachI turned on the radio this morning while driving to work to find out not only Uncle Sam but every company that has something to sell is watching me every minute of every day! This was an interview with reporter Julia Angwin about her book “Dragnet Nation”, a book about digital footprint and on-line privacy. The subject seems educational for those who are not very familiar with this subject by the way. Being a techy myself, I already had some idea. After the interview, the News started talking about the unrest and violence in the world, which reminded me of my broadcasting days and a slogan among News people, “It leads when it bleeds”, and here there was right in front of me! Three police cars in the middle of the street blocking the major left part. Like other cars in front of me, I took the right lane and as I got closer to the scene of the accident, saw a man on the ground with a bloody head and paramedics who were trying to revive him. What a way to start your Monday! I thought and immediately noticed how my muscles had tensed up.

Believe it or not, stress is a bigger cause of death in the today’s modern world than car accidents, this bloody silent killer of human beings, and yet we have to be exposed to it on daily basis knowingly or unknowingly.

Some years ago a friend of mine did an interesting study. She was suffering from insomnia and bad dreams and none of the common treatments were working so one day she decided to take off for a week and go to a remote area with no access to a TV or computer for vacation. After coming back, she noticed that she didn’t have as many nightmares and could sleep better. So she avoided watching or reading anything that could have a negative effect for 2 weeks. She also spent at least a couple of hours in the nature during the week. To her surprise, it worked! She hardly had any nightmares and could sleep better.

Once, I took a pain management course for my Fibro which not only helped me with the pain but thought me a lot about dealing with stress. Plus, it’s amazing how relaxation techniques calm the stomach muscles, hens reducing the inflammation and helping with indigestion! Halle lu ya! I can eat!

Since then I’m kinder to myself, meaning I listen to my body and try to notice the stress as soon as it starts to take over.

I still, like everyone else, live in a real world with all the everyday challenges but try to live it only one day at a time. I have been given the ability, courage and knowledge to know how to successfully live from the sunrise to sunset for one day, if only I take a few moments here and there to pause and breath. So Afie, deep breath in, deep breath out because if I do well today, there is a good chance I can even make it a better a day tomorrow.


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