Soup for My Tummy and Soul

Spring cleaning turned into complete redecorating and it continues… this is the third week and my apartment still looks like a flea market. I got to do 2 HUGE loads of laundry yesterday so that opened up some space and with my brother’s help finally installed the extra cabinet in the bathroom, so more space to sort out the stuff that need to either go to Goodwill or group garage sale with a couple of friends.

All this hasn’t left much free time for fun, hanging out with friends or cooking. Thanks God! At least, work is not super busy next couple of weeks.

It’s rainy and cold today, which intensifies the pain (, and I’m craving for some nice hot soup. After work, on my way back from the gym, I can pick up the ingredients. Humm…maybe some creamy butternut squash with toasted sesame, and coconut cream for dinner, yum!

Stay tuned for my next post. 😉



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