Is it aging or just me?

A couple of months ago my body decided to develop 2 ping-pong balls in the back of my knees. I tried to be patient and fix the issue by doing less exercise but it was not going away. I knew it had nothing to do with my Fibro so the 1st guess was aging.

I exercise regularly and try to go indoor rock climbing once a week but with all this pain none were possible. It was not the swollenness that was limiting but the pain. In a month or so after it started I hardly could walk so I thought here it comes! I’m getting old, my body is falling apart and rocker days are approaching… I even thought maybe I should look up a couple of places for seniors with disabilities!

After all this thoughts, eventually, I tried a 2nd option and went to see my physical therapist. When she looked at me puzzled, I thought she was going to say, “Buddy, your days are over” or something like that but all she said was ”you’re too buffed for your own good!” What?!

As it turned out exercise builds muscles! And some people originally have tenser muscles to begin with. As you can guess, I’m one of them. Apparently going back to the Yoga class after a long time stretched my “Patellar Tendon” and “Fibula” more than my big muscles could afford.

The moral lesson here, our bodies are way more resilient than what we think. And age is only a number. The roller stretches are in order and I’ll be back in play in no time.

P.S. the picture you see here is the butternut squash soup I was craving for.



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