Why over doing things?

There’s such a thing as too much Spring Cleaning! I think I got overly enthusiastic and took over too much! In the past couple of days the inflammation has taken over and attacked my joints, which means I have put too much pressure on them walking, kneeling down, going up and down the ladder.


In comparison, it’s not too bad though. If it was a few years ago, by now I would have been in my doctor’s office asking her to put me out of my misery already – and probably she wouldn’t have out frustration, seeing me at her door every other day! – but now I can keep myself more functional and less panicky by doing my stretches and using breathing techniques. My friend Ann thinks I’m sometimes too enthusiastic for my own good. “Why don’t you split your tasks over a longer period?” She says. I agree. Sometimes, when I start a project, I just have to finish it at once. Over the years, I have practiced to be more patient but from the looks of it lately I need to practice more!

Well, the pain will subside in a couple of days and looking at the full part of the glass, my place looks fantastic! Yay!




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