A quiet Friday & the ducks

Today, it’s deliciously warm around here, warm with a nice breeze. It has been a tough week at work and on the top of that my shoulder is bothering me but then as Eckhart Tolle says;

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

Any way, it’s too much of a nice weather to waist…so I went for a walk near my office and now I’m paying a visit to our duck neighbors on my way back. There are several of them living in this canal which is about half a mile from my office. We also have a couple of little ponds surrounding our offices and sometimes, the ducks venture out and come too close to the buildings only to try a different cuisine, I think. Who knows, unfortunately, my duck language is a bit rusty. Perhaps, the water plants in artificial ponds are tastier or they just are looking for variety!


















While feeding them bread crumbs, I’m day dreaming about some afternoon dessert…maybe a nice cinnamon twist from my favorite bakery in Carmel, Carmel Bakery & Coffee Co. Too bad it’s a little too far for my today’s craving. Maybe over the weekend.




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